Front-loading your Carbs!

As a trainer, people are always asking me what they can do with their diet to help them lose fat and see better results.  One of the things I almost always tell people is to start front-loading their Carbohydrates.  “Front-loading”  is a great way to make sure that your body uses the carbs you eat for immediate energy and not turn it into fat.  Front-loading is fairly simple.  It basically means you eat most of your carbs in the morning and slowly decrease them as the day goes on so by dinner, your eating no carbs.  This does not mean you cant have a fulfilling dinner. You can still have a good portion of lean meat or fish with as many vegetables as you would like! The main reasons this works is because we get energy 2 ways, by our proteins and carbs.  Protein is the building block for every muscle in your body. We need tons of protein to sustain our development, and it is particularly important as an immediate source of energy. Carbs provide energy too but are slower to digest and if they are not readily used, turn into fat. So basically carbs in the morning equal energy, carbs at night equal fat.  Does this mean you’re on a “diet”? NO!  You can eat the same about of carbs you normally do but just watch when you are eating them. Now, don’t take this as me saying you should be eating 5 cupcakes for breakfast! Lets be smart. Try to choose more complex nutritious carbs like oats, whole grains and sweet potatoes instead of simple carbs such as white sugar, white rice and white flour.  As I say to most things, everything in moderation.  There will always be exceptions to the rules, but this is one thing to try in your daily routine to help you have more energy, have a better workout and lose more fat!

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